12 Months of Travel: February 2017 – Australia

Find a slice of paradise among one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Soar over Australia’s Great Barrier Reef on a scenic flight and touch down on remote Sandy Cay to snorkel among kaleidoscopic marine life in the coral reef.

In celebration of our 2017 calendar, Anywhere Anytime Journeys has created the “12 Months of Travel” to accompany the calendar’s breath-taking photos.

2017 continues with …


In every part of Australia you’ll find unique experiences to make your dream vacation come true. Australia is filled with fresh flavors, welcoming people and open spaces. Although a young nation, it has a rich history with the world’s oldest living culture and prehistoric nature. It is a land full of stunning natural wonders and some of the friendliest wildlife on the planet. Whether it’s the remoteness of the Outback, the pristine waters of the beaches, the world-class dining or the amazing wildlife, it won’t take long for you to realize there’s nothing like Australia.

Travelers to the Australian Outback can see scenic mountains, salt flats and great expanses of land.
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With approximately 3 million sq mi/7 million sq km, Australia is the world’s largest island. It is the only country that is also a continent. Although most of it is barren desert where little rain falls, Australia has a wide range of environments, including tropical rain forests in its northern regions, temperate forests along the east coast and even a few snowy mountains spotting the Great Dividing Range, which runs north to south across almost the entire length of the eastern side of the continent and separates the coastal plains from the drier inland areas. Off the northeast coast is the world’s largest coral reef—the Great Barrier Reef (1,200 mi/2,000 km long). While the state of Western Australia occupies the entire western third of the country, much of it desert.

Australia is divided into both states and territories (capital cities for each are in parentheses):

  • AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (Canberra—also the capital city of Australia)

Tucked away in the city and surrounding suburbs are lots of stylish cocktail lounges, pumping clubs, and traditional pubs offering live music, beer gardens and live sporting telecasts.

Sport is a vital part of the Australian way of life, and Canberra is home to some of Australia’s top sports heroes. Cheer on Canberra’s top rugby league and rugby union teams, catch an Australian Football League game, watch cricket, play golf on the many outstanding golf courses or cycle through beautiful scenery.

Outdoors and Nature
Canberra is a city in a park, a landscaped capital carefully designed to transform with the four distinct seasons. But beneath the golden autumn leaves and spring blooms is a vibrant city, spread amongst parks and stretches of green open space that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the fresh air.

Science and Technology
Canberra is a centre for science and technology. Experience an earthquake or get close to a lightning bolt at Questacon – the National Science and Technology Centre – or touch giant stick insects, see a model wind turbine and wind tunnel at the CSIRO Discovery Centre, a showcase for achievements in Australian science and technology.

Canberra offers everything from luxury boutiques, malls and department stores to street markets and local designers.


There are thousands of attractions in New South Wales ranging from historic buildings to scenic drives and iconic big things.

There are roads, and then there are drives. Roads you take to get from A to B. Drives you take not so much to get somewhere but for the sheer pleasure of the journey itself – and in New South Wales, there are some inspirational drives.

There are mountain hikes that rise through wildflower meadows to glacier-carved lakes, rainforest rambles, coastal classics and city strolls. Even if you’re in the heart of Sydney with only half a day to spare, there are walks to inspire, to soothe and to satisfy. Put on your walking shoes, and discover a state full of revelation.

Beach Culture
If there was a world competition for beaches, New South Wales would be disqualified on grounds of unfair advantage.

Food & Wine
Sydney is the hot destination for foodies, with flavors and venues to suit all budgets.

Bush & the Outback
The bush and the Outback set Australia apart from every other corner of the planet, and, in New South Wales, you’ll find an abundance of experiences in the rugged Outback.

Iconic Attractions
Sydney’s most memorable attractions are an inspiring mix of the natural and the man-made. Some of them are recognized around the world as saying “Sydney”.

Adventure in the Snowy Mountains
With nine wilderness areas in Kosciuszko National Park, there are endless opportunities for experiencing the wild scenery and solitude of its 6,900 sq km.


From viewing crocodile, learning about native flora and fauna, visiting expansive red deserts or canoeing down thundering rivers, the Northern Territory has it all.

The Outback
Take an epic train journey through the outback, explore the rich color and unique flora of the desert landscape and relax with outback characters in a historic Australian pub.

Ascend steep escarpments, canoe with freshwater crocodiles, ride a camel through the outback or tear it up on a quad bike.

Extensive tidal rivers, scenic inland billabongs and access to kilometers of coastline make the Northern Territory an unrivalled fishing holiday destination.

Walking – Trekking
Awaken your senses on a bushwalk through the monsoon forests of the tropical north or challenge yourself with a trek through the red heart of Central Australia.


Queensland offers an amazing array of diverse experiences throughout its many regions. Whether you are looking for that quintessential ‘Aussie’ beach experience, an islands of the Great Barrier Reef experience, nature & world heritage experiences or indigenous culture, there is a number of memorable experiences to be had as part of your Queensland holiday.

Nature & World Heritage
Explore Queensland’s five World Heritage-listed sites, stretches of unspoiled beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes and hundreds of national parks and forests.

Sports & Activities
With perfect all-year-round climate and an outdoors lifestyle, Queensland offers the perfect setting for experiencing a variety of sports and activities within any number of its diverse regions.

Outback & Farm Stays
Experience life in the Australian outback on a Queensland farm stay.

Indigenous Culture
Learn about Queensland’s Indigenous heritage and culture through local people, festivals and crafts.

Spa & Wellness
Queensland’s amazing array of spas and health retreats offer the ultimate in relaxation with a uniquely Australian twist.

Eco-tourism & Volunteering
Experience one of the most naturally diverse places on the planet and give back through one of the many volunteering programs.


Aboriginal Experiences Dance Companies
Culture bearers of the Narungga nation, Adjahdura Dancers have developed performances through story telling.

Learn about Kaurna culture and share in the special environment of peace that exists at Warriparinga.

From the coast to the Outback, every part of South Australia has adventure activities to get the adrenalin pumping.

Adelaide Ballooning
What a way to start the day – with a dawn hot air balloon flight over Strathalbyn and surrounding district.

Wallaby Tracks Adventure Tours
Offering a variety of bushwalking, hiking and mountain biking tours in the magnificent Flinders Ranges.

With thousands of kilometers of coastline, it’s only right that South Australia is a place for ocean lovers.

Renmark River Cruises
Take a cruise on the Big River Rambler or explore the backwaters on an adventurous dinghy expedition.

If you like to pitch your tent near the sound of crashing waves, South Australia’s got some top camping spots.


Stanley’s Nut
Take a walk or a chairlift to the top of Stanley’s Nut. The remains of an ancient volcano, this rocky formation protects the tiny fishing town at its feet.

Penguin Tour
In Bicheno, join an evening eco-friendly fairy penguin tour right on the beach.

West Coast Wilderness Railway
In Queenstown ride the steam-powered West Coast Wilderness Railway.

Gordon River
Cruise Macquarie Harbor to the Gordon River or take a scene seaplane flight and land on this mighty river and walk in to see 1,000 year old Huon pine, myrtle and sassafras.


Melbourne boasts great events, a passion for food and wine and a fabulous arts scene. Known as a style-setter, Melbourne is home to a non-stop program of festivals, renowned dining, major art exhibitions and musical extravaganzas.

Outside Melbourne
Meet the Little Penguins on Phillip Island. Phillip Island is a 90-minute drive from Melbourne. Experience Australian wildlife in its natural habitat with penguins, seals, koalas and birds. Take to the track on the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit or see it from the skies on a helicopter tour.

Pan for gold at Sovereign Hill
Sovereign Hill is a fabulous re-creation of the hustle and bustle of life in Ballarat in the 1850s. Set on a former gold mining site, the compound has more than 60 buildings, while over 200 people volunteer to dress in period costume on a regular basis. You can do all the traditional activities like pan for real gold, buy boiled sweets from the confectioners, ride in horse-drawn carriages, travel underground on a tour of the Red Hill Mine, or simply observe the working and living conditions that existed last century.



There is so much to see and do in Western Australia, from pristine beaches to exciting events and entertaining family attractions. Check them out and plan your holiday!

Sun, Surf and Sea
Pick any time of the year and there is a part of Western Australia sure to be bathed in warm sunshine. Powdery white beaches stretch the length of the coast, and the ocean dazzles with sunlit shades of blue.

Outback Adventure
Western Australia’s outback landscape provides a dramatic backdrop for an unforgettable wilderness adventure. Vast and rugged, its wide open spaces, fresh clean air and roads that seem to extend forever beyond the horizon will have you dazzled.

Forests and Flowers
Western Australia’s diverse landscape and climate has evolved an amazing range of natural attractions across the State.

People and Lifestyle
Western Australians will tell you that their state offers the best lifestyle in the world. With a fantastic climate ranging from temperate in the south to tropical in the north, the natural environment is in a league of its own.


Indigenous Tourism Champions Program

Deeply connect with Australia and see the country through the eyes of its first inhabitants. Create truly memorable itineraries with an Aboriginal flavor. The world’s oldest living culture delivers a diversity of exclusive experiences. Explore pristine remote beaches, lush rainforests, hidden waterfalls, the rugged outback and spectacular gorges.

Check out the range of experiences offered by the Indigenous Tourism Champions. These ‘must-do’ Aboriginal experiences have been carefully selected as some of Australia’s best by Tourism Australia and the State Tourism Organizations. Enrich your itineraries and bring the Australian landscape to life by incorporating Aboriginal guides and experiences.

There are many magical and unique experiences to enjoy in Australia. But for a holiday that really is the best of both worlds, you simply can’t go past having a knowledgeable Aboriginal guide showing you a side of Australia you wouldn’t otherwise see.

In fact, in some cases you’ll literally be given access to areas that remain closed to regular tourists. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, cultural enthusiast, foody or nature lover, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and insights an Aboriginal Guide can provide.

Search an exciting array of accommodation, activities and tours with options to taste bush tucker, experience the healing powers of nature, discover breathtaking scenery, ancient rock art galleries, meet artists or take an art workshop yourself to gain a first-hand insight into the creation of contemporary Aboriginal art.

You can even stay with an Aboriginal family where people still practice elements of traditional lifestyles. For the truly adventurous, there’s expeditions over land or sea to catch fish and mud crab, share stories around the crackling fire and camp on the beach under the abundant canopy of stars.

How would you like to explore Australia?


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