12 Months of Travel: June 2017 – Switzerland

The majestic lines of the Matterhorn, Switzerland’s most iconic mountain, loom into view from grassy meadows. Take in the sight of this alpine wonderland from charming Zermatt or ascend Klein Matterhorn on a cable car for spectacular views.

In celebration of our 2017 calendar, Anywhere Anytime Journeys has created the “12 Months of Travel” to accompany the calendar’s breath-taking photos.

2017 saunters onward with …


The popularized image of Switzerland is almost too perfect and timeless: spectacular Alpine scenery, cozy mountain chalets, dazzling ski runs, window boxes spilling over with red geraniums, tidy cities set on serene lakes, elegant grand hotels. Though you’ll undoubtedly encounter these along the way, they don’t present a complete picture of this modern country. Switzerland may guard its neutrality and assert its independence, but it is very much an active participant in the world.

If you’re going for the scenery or for the skiing, there are few places that can equal it (in quality or high prices). And there are few places as clean, safe and orderly as Switzerland. Likewise, few countries have such diversity in terms of culture and language: German is prevalent in Zurich and the northern, central and eastern regions; French in Geneva and the western region; Italian in Lugano and the southern region; and Romansch, the fourth national language, is the language of the southeastern part of the country, which includes the ski resort area of St. Moritz.

Despite its varied cultures and linguistic traditions, Switzerland is one of the most politically and economically stable countries in the world.

Grand Tour of Switzerland

On the Grand Tour of Switzerland the journey is the goal. This route will lead you 1000 miles through four language regions, over five Alpine passes, to eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as two biospheres and along 22 lakes. This tour provides a concentrated insight into Switzerland, with exquisite scenic views and cultural jewels.


Check out this journey: 9-Nights Grand Tour Of Switzerland. Click the map for details.

Switzerland – the winter original

It was an innovative St. Moritz hotelier who attracted the first winter guests to the Alps in 1864, with a simple bet that turned out to be the birth of winter tourism. And winter tourism has enjoyed continued success ever since! Immerse in 150 years of winter nostalgia. Today, the Swiss winter landscapes still never cease to enchant.

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Fantastic routes, breathtaking vistas: all experiences that await the traveler in Switzerland!

The Glow of the Alps at Sunset
The world of the Swiss Alps is a world of wild beauty. Mountain peaks soar more than 4,000 meters into the sky. Awe-inspiring glaciers and gigantic rock-formations abound. Frothy streams rush down mountains, without premonition of the oceans into which they flow. Waterfalls thunder into valleys. The reflection of windswept pines and larch trees shimmer on the blue surface of mountain lakes. The vivid colors of mountain flowers dot Alpine meadows. Sun-blackened chalets beckon by the roadside and invite you to rest awhile. Cogwheel trains and airy gondolas effortlessly reach the top of the highest peaks.

The Delights of the Alpine Lakes
Crystal-clear water glitters in the sunlight, pristine beaches entice you to go for a swim. Sailboats leave a trail in their wake on the water. Steam boats travel from shore to shore. Chalets and inns with shady gardens invite you to stay.

Southern Ambience
South of the Alps Mediterranean style awaits you: Italian “Dolce Vita,” outdoor cafes on lively plazas, laughter, conversation, happiness. Clean beaches with palm trees. Promenades for leisurely walks. Romanesque churches. Houses with stone-dotted roofs in pristine side-valleys. The most modern architecture wherever you go.

Gently Rolling Hills and Vast Valleys
Forests, hills, rivers, fertile soil and grazing cows, vibrant cities full of hustle and bustle: this is the heart of Switzerland, between the Alps and the crescent of the Jura Mountains. Huge farmhouses, adorned with window boxes full of colorful flowers, define this region just as much as the large urban centers of Zurich, Bernand Basel with their rich cultural offerings and modern industry. Medieval arcades preside over stores and boutiques aligned like pearls on a string and over the pulsating life of the cities. Modern architecture can be found next to original Old Town quarters: Botta and Le Corbusier are to be seen not far from Roman ruins, mediaeval castles and Baroque cathedrals. Everything is close by and easily reached.

French Flair
Vineyards stretch in a wide arc downhill toward Lake Geneva. The shores of Lake Geneva are dotted with romantic villages, castles with mighty ramparts and elegant cities with an urbane culture. A whiff of Paris, a dash of France is in the air. There alpine panorama and southern vegetation unite in unique harmony. And the pristine mountain world of the Waadtland Alps or the quiet peaks of the Jura are just a short journey away.

How would you like to explore Switzerland?


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