Travel with a Purpose

Get more from your travels when you help make a difference in the world.


Travel with an impact when you sail with Fathom. Surrounded by other passionate travelers aboard the 704-passenger Adonia, you’ll receive a deep understanding of the educational and environmental needs in the Dominican Republic. By the time you touch its golden shores, you’ll be well-prepared to help improve a village’s water-filtration system, guide children through creative projects or assist in preparing organic products within a women’s cooperative. Cuba-bound voyages offer cultural exchanges with local artists, musicians, educators and environmental leaders — from the colonial streets of Havana to the lush countryside.


Exploring the riches of the African savanna will change more than your life. With Micato Safaris’ One for One Commitment, each safari purchased ensures a child’s education. See firsthand how Micato is improving lives with community projects and engage with conservationists dedicated to protecting wildlife.


Cultural immersion is the cornerstone of journeys with G Adventures and you can make a real difference in the community when you volunteer during your stay. Among many global adventures, you might help out in a youth center in Peru or work with trained conservationists to protect endangered sea turtles in Costa Rica.


Spot elusive jaguars on a nature safari in Belize or track tigers in Nepal’s lush Chitwan National Park, all while respecting Earth’s precious treasures through a partnership between Natural Habitat Adventures and the World Wildlife Fund.

In this video of orangutans in Borneo, watch the agile primates swinging from tree to tree in Bako National Park during one of our Borneo tours. Look for footage of a baby orangutan playfully getting its footing amongst the branches toward the middle of the clip!

Where will you go to make an impact?

Contact us today, using OFFER M15306, and we’ll find the right hands-on giving experience for you.

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