Travel Tip Tuesday: Buy Travel Insurance when you book

Each Tuesday, Anywhere Anytime Journeys will bring you some useful tips for your upcoming travels. This week, our topic is buy Travel Insurance when you book.

The minute you book your trip, the clock starts ticking on insurance coverage for preexisting medical conditions or trip cancellations and interruptions.

Preexisting medical conditions: The rules aren’t as strict as they used to be, experts say — so long as you buy the coverage when you book your trip, or very shortly thereafter. “When I travel I always purchase insurance to cover my vacation investment and to protect me from the unexpected,” says Brad Martin of Anywhere Anytime Journeys. “You must purchase insurance within 14 days of making your trip deposit.” If you buy the insurance after that, any future claim could be automatically denied. The same goes for the preexisting medical conditions of your Aunt Hazel, in case it’s her health crisis that requires you to cancel your trip.

What is a preexisting medical condition? If you’re being treated by a doctor for a medical condition before you buy your insurance, that’s considered a pre-existing condition. In most states, it’s covered if you purchase your policy within 14 days of your first trip payment. One more thing: To qualify for pre-existing-condition coverage, all the covered travelers have to be medically able to travel when they buy, and the entire trip cost has to be insured.

Trip cancellations and interruptions: Travel Insurance can help evacuate you in an emergency, fix an interrupted cruise, protect you when your tour operator goes bankrupt, or pay your medical bills when you get sick or are injured on your trip. There are lots of things that would make you want to file a claim for trip cancellation/interruption, but basically they boil down to natural disasters, sickness or injury, crimes, or work-related reasons.

We recommend ExactCare for travelers who want coverage for trip interruption, flight cancellations, medical evacuation, and emergency medical treatment. If you, a family member or a traveling companion encounter any of these during your trip (or back home while you’re traveling) and you’re forced to cancel or interrupt your trip, there’s a good chance you would be reimbursed under your ExactCare trip cancellation/interruption coverage.

As always, consult your Travel Designer for more insight. But don’t take our word for it, check out this real-world  experience with travel insurance here.

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