Q&A: Travel Tech Decoded

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Jennifer Jolly, a tech columnist at The New York Times and USA Today reveals her favorite travel innovations.

What gadgets do you bring on the road?

I travel 10,000 miles a month, so any device that does the work for me is important. I use my smartphone for nearly everything: photos, videos, maps. I also bring an Amazon Fire TV Stick to stream shows in hotels.

How do you keep your cell phone costs down overseas?

I use Skype for video chatting via Wi-Fi, and the Roamer app forwards your calls with no roaming charges. On cruise ships, you can pay for Internet packages, but you should also look for a Wi-Fi-enabled café in your port of call.

What other trends are you seeing on cruise ships?

The larger ships are like floating cities, and new technology can help navigate your day-to-day activities. There are fun innovations like the Bionic Bar on select Royal Caribbean® ships, where you have robot bartenders mixing and serving cocktails. When I got my hands on Princess Cruises’ Ocean Medallion™ and saw how it can make the cruise experience easier, I was totally hooked.

What makes Ocean Medallion™ so unique?

It’s like a personal assistant in a necklace or wristband. It connects to a shipboard network of 7,000 sensors, allowing you to order food, track your family members and even unlock your cabin.

Will this appeal to low-tech travelers?

Yes, because it’s a very secure and simple experience with a lot of human interaction. Imagine sitting by the pool and having a waiter say, “Hi Jen, would you like the same margarita as yesterday?”

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[Cover Photo: Bionic Bar, Harmony of the Seas, © Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.]

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