Q+A: Travel Toward Better Health with Dr. Weil & Seabourn

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Dr. Andrew Weil: A pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a best-selling author and now a partner with Seabourn, Dr. Weil shares his own tried-and-true methods of staying healthy while traveling.

How can travelers maintain good health overall?

Keep up your routines as much as possible, and don’t assume you’ll “make up for it” when you get back. If I don’t meditate when I first wake up, I know I won’t do it, so I always make it part of my day wherever I am.

How do you manage jet lag on long-haul travel?

Everyone has a different sensitivity to jet lag. For me, on a recent flight from Phoenix to London, I ate dinner, took valerian and slept most of the way. After arriving in the afternoon, I went for a walk and stayed up until my regular bedtime — between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Before bed, I took melatonin, which I find works best for me.

What is your advice for travelers to get better sleep?

It’s best to avoid alcohol and stay hydrated on the plane. It’s also important to sleep in complete darkness; exposure to light at night is one of the most common reasons for sleep interference.

How does your Seabourn Spa and Wellness partnership combine healthy living with travel?

This year, I’m bringing a team of physicians who each have different specialties. We’ll address a wide range of interests such as healthy aging, nutrition and neutralizing stress. On an upcoming cruise of the Greek islands, for example, I look forward to talking about the roots of healing as we visit the island of Kos where Hippocrates taught.

In what other destinations have you found a balance between indulgence and wellness?

I love Japan, where I can get into the country to hike, soak in hot springs, eat great food and practice meditation among all that beauty. I loved the cuisine in Sicily, where I also had a lot of opportunities to go hiking and meditate. Those are very easy destinations, [but in any place] it’s about seeking out good food options and getting out and moving.

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