Alaska By Sea: 5 Epic Voyages

When you journey with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic, rare access into the wilds of Southeast Alaska and British Columbia heightens your sense of wonder. Let us take you through the extra-special moments across five uniquely curated voyages.

1 Exploring Alaska’s Coastal Wilderness

Carved by glaciers millions of years ago, the Inside Passage sets the scene for the Alaska expedition of your imagination. On a classic coastal wilderness voyage, you’ll step aboard the 62-guest National Geographic Sea Bird, National Geographic Sea Lion, 100-guest National Geographic Quest, or National Geographic Venture — each nimbly taking you into secluded bays, straits, and coves. Specially secured permits into Tongass National Forest unlock remote areas, while other days reveal wildlife-packed fjords and many awe-struck hours watching luminously blue tidewater glaciers.

Beautiful landscape of Inside Passage, Alaska
© Can Stock Photo / ziss

2 Wild Alaska Escape

Should the call of the north awaken your inner explorer, let us pair your Inside Passage expedition with even more active adventures on land. Show your family the wilder side of Alaska aboard National Geographic Sea Bird: Go rafting along the Chilkat River under the shadows of mountain peaks, spend leisurely days kayaking to the sounds of calling birds and coast on two wheels as you cycle along a glacial fjord.

Chilkat River & Mountains
Photo: Pixabay

3 Epic Alaska: Misty Fjords to the Lynn Canal

Dedicate an incredible 11 days to traversing the Inside Passage from top to bottom, with your camera as your constant companion. You’ll capture nature in motion under the guidance of National Geographic-certified photo instructors — from the unfiltered beauty of mammoth glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park to Steller sea lions lazing about the Inian Islands.

Glacier Bay National Park
Photo: Pixabay

4 Treasures of the Inside Passage: Alaska & British Columbia

Merge the beauty of the Inside Passage with the natural wonders of British Columbia. On a 14-day journey, you’ll hit all the high points from spotting orcas majestically breaching around the San Juan and Gulf islands to kayaking the mirror-like waters of Misty Fjords.

Misty Fjords Landscape in Alaska
© Can Stock Photo / dani3315

5 A Remarkable Journey to Alaska, British Columbia & Haida Gwaii

A 15-day voyage of Alaska and Canada encompasses yet another grand adventure: For two decades, National Geographic Sea Bird and National Geographic Sea Lion have been the only U.S. vessels permitted to visit Haida lands. Navigate ancient villages and view centuries-old, intricately carved cedar poles made by the Haida people. In the ancestral town of Old Massett, take up the invitation to join in a traditional dance performance and feast with community members and local artisans.

Clouds reflected in pond over Skidigate Inlet and Bearskin Bay, Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada.
© Can Stock Photo / aurora2

Voyages with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic connect you with expert leaders who possess deep knowledge of the area, as well as National Geographic-certified photographers, naturalists, and undersea specialists, to create a 360-degree experience. Give us a call or visit our website and enter OFFER M17237 to learn more.

Cover photo: Pixabay

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