Q & A: Pure Adventure in Costa Rica & Panama

Erika Hernandez Calvo

An Expedition Leader with UnCruise Adventures, Erika shares some of her favorite memories of showcasing her native Costa Rica and the wonders of Panama.

How did you become an adventure tour leader?

I gave up my law career for travel and adventure, and it has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. I am a certified tour leader by the National Board of Tourism of Costa Rica. I love learning in the outdoors and I am very much in love with the ocean, which is what brought me to UnCruise Adventures.

Why do you think UnCruise Adventures stands out among others?

We go to places that people don’t normally visit, and we contribute to the economies of small communities. Being an intimate vessel with a crew that feels like a family also makes a huge impact on our guests. Plus, the food is amazing!

Safari Voyager & Kayakers
Photo: UnCruise Adventures

Is there a particular adventure that stands out?

One day in Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica, it rained so hard we were only able to come out at night. After a while on the skiffs, the skies cleared to reveal a beautiful starry night. A crescent moon showed up as the background for a sloth moving on a nearby tree on the shore. We headed to an illuminated ship following the reflection of the lights, and everyone, including myself, had a big smile.

Are there experiences in this region that have surprised you?

The beautiful healthy coral reef and marine life in the waters around Coiba Island made me cry for joy the first time I snorkeled there. The Panamanian jungle and the Embera people stole my heart.

What is your advice for travelers seeking adventure?

Be open-minded and remember that out of our comfort zone is where the magic happens!

Kayaking along the coast.
Photo: UnCruise Adventures

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