Ask Our Experts: How can I make sustainable choices when I travel?

How can I make sustainable choices when I travel?

The fact that you’re asking suggests that sustainability is already part of your lifestyle, which is a fantastic foundation. But just as it’s difficult to maintain healthy habits (do calories really count on a plane?), keeping up with sustainability is challenging on the road.

The first step is to determine if the very nature of your travels is sustainable. When wildlife calls, we might point you toward the Galápagos Islands, where strictly enforced laws ensure you leave no trace behind. We only work with the top tour operators and cruise lines that are permitted to enter these protected areas.

If something like European landmarks are on your must-visit list, we have expert insight. You may have heard that locals in cities like Barcelona and Venice have been protesting the influx of tourists staying in unregulated vacation rentals — which leads to overcrowding and impacts the local economy. That won’t happen with us: Not only can we get you the best value on premium hotels, but we also have access to extraordinary vacation rentals. We can also advise you on when to travel — like during the blissful autumn “shoulder season” or in the early weeks of spring.

Your hotel choices also matter. At a LEED-certified property such as the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, or at other green-leaning hotels like the W Fort Lauderdale, it’s now standard to have features like water conservation, high-efficiency lighting and occupancy-sensor temperature control. Other hotel-specific innovations we like to seek out include solar power, repurposing food waste and graywater recycling.

Then it comes down to your choices. Bring your trusty reusable water bottle, and don’t be afraid to carry a biodegradable bamboo drinking straw. Ask us about carbon-offsetting programs where you can donate to much-needed solar- and wind-power projects. Eat and shop locally as much as possible to ensure that the communities you fall in love with will be around for generations to come.

Curious to learn more sustainability tips? Contact us today and we’ll share all of our insights into the destinations that inspire you.

Cover Photo: Tree Earth via Pixabay.

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