Ask Our Experts: How Can I Experience Local Food in my Travels?

Creating memorable culinary moments often means much more than scoring reservations in the trendiest restaurants (although we can do that too!). It may mean discovering a cherished family recipe or learning about a decorated chef’s personal journey. Here are just a few examples of what we can curate for you.

Cook Alongside a Star

There’s no shortage of Michelin-starred restaurants in London, but imagine stepping into the personal kitchen of a Michelin-trained chef. We can connect you with an esteemed chef who guides you through the Notting Hill farmers market — a neighborhood favorite brimming with produce directly from nearby farms. Then return to his kitchen to learn how to artfully prepare a three-course English meal using those ingredients.

Be Our Guest

Enjoy culinary immersion by getting to know a local through the language of food. Thanks to our long-established relationships with home cooks throughout Bangkok, you can taste Thai cuisine prepared personally for you. Relax among the fragrant scent of blooming spices as your host creates a royal Thai meal, or meet a mother-and-daughter team as they prepare recipes that have been passed down for generations.

To the Market

In many destinations, the market is the beating heart of the community. That’s what we love about Paloquemao Market in Bogotá, Colombia, where locals gather daily. Join your personal guide to discover fresh South American produce like sweet granadilla, citrus-like lulo, and purple-skinned mangostino (as seen on the cover image). As you snack on prepared foods such as cassava-and-cheese almojábana and savory empanadas, your guide also shares personal insights into Colombia’s past, present, and future.

This is only a glimpse into all of the rich culinary experiences we can create for you. Visit our website, and enter offer M17855.

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