Wellness Wednesday: Cycling in Flanders

In concert with Anywhere Anytime Journeys’ Destination of the Month, this week’s Wellness Wednesday is about cycling in Flanders.

Flanders is a paradise for cyclists. If you are a cycling-race enthusiast, it is nothing less than a pilgrimage to the most hallowed grounds in the sport. Or if you love a leisurely bike ride, each province in Flanders offers a wide range of thematic cycling loops. From beer-inspired cycling routes, to WWI routes and guided tours throughout the city center, there is a cycling route for every taste.

Flanders is an enjoyable cycling destination for everyone: tourists of all ages, with or without disabilities or care needs, etc. You can rent bicycles by the day, cycle to an idyllic landscape for a picnic lunch, and tour museums in the afternoon. There is an extensive network of cycle routes that take you past beautiful places and attractions. By using the detailed route maps and road signs you can easily follow the suggested trips or plan your own ideal cycle ride. The choice is yours.

You can cycle through Flanders from one intersection to the next. VisitFlanders.com has put together a selection of the most beautiful cycle paths into a network, which is a very simple and flexible system. Where two or more cycle paths come together, it is called an intersection. You can cycle a route by following the signs from one numbered intersection to the next. Every intersection is sign-posted with a rectangular sign. This way you can put together your own route. You decide which intersections you want to go through and how long or demanding your tour is. You can trace out your intended route on a map or the internet and note down the numbers of the intersections in the order you want to take on your trip. And you can always change your route on the way, of course. The possibilities are endless.

Check out this amazing video VisitFlanders put together.

If you want more information, stop by our Downtown Rantoul office to pick up an official “Discover everything about cycling in Flanders” guide. We are happy to help you if you have additional needs or questions when planning a trip there.

[SOURCE: VisitFlanders.com]

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