Q+A: Outback Illuminations

Lights stretch as far as the eye can see, undulating and shifting hues capturing the warmth of the landscape. In the distance rises the majestic monolith of Uluṟu/Ayers Rock. Artist Bruce Munro shares the inspiration behind his installation, “Field of Light Uluru,” created from 50,000 stems topped with colorful frosted spheres that seem to bloom in the outback of Australia’s Northern Territory.

Can you describe your first experience in Uluṟu in 1992?

The landscape is very ancient, and I was taken by surprise by the effect it had on me. I literally felt as if the ground and air were buzzing.


Uluṟu was your inspiration for “Field of Light,” which has since come to life all over the world. What was your journey to get it to the Northern Territory?

Making art is a lot of disappointment, blood, sweat and tears. One has to be slightly bonkers, but creating “Field of Light Uluru” was one of those passions I had to bring to fruition.


Did you run into any roadblocks?

Yes, but I see roadblocks as part of the process of making art. It would be boring if it were too easy.


How did you bring the indigenous community to the table?

If we had not had support from Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, I would not have pursued the project so passionately. This was not about me imposing my ideas on other people; it’s an homage to the land that inspired the installation, and it is a great privilege to exhibit this work on this sacred landscape.


What do you hope visitors get out of the experience?

If they leave with a smile and a warm heart, then I am happy!

“Field of Light Uluru” has been extended through December 2020. Contact us to book your vacation to Australia’s Northern Territory and we’ll reserve an exclusive evening event that includes sunset canapés overlooking Uluṟu before you wander among the lights under a canopy of stars.

Cover Photo: “The Field of Light” by Paul Balfe, used under CC BY / Resized from original to 1200 x 433 pixels.

An installation artwork by Bruce Munro comprising 50,000 changing lights that cloak the evening landscape, at Uluru in Central Australia.

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