Favorite Finds: Eco-Friendly Voyages

Discover why Star Clippers’ timeless tall ships have earned accolades from the World Travel Awards for their light environmental impact and luxurious style of sailing.

A Smaller Carbon Footprint

Whether you’re sailing between popular Mediterranean islands or the shores of Indonesia, your captain will plan itineraries based on wind charts — propelling your tall ship with abundant wind and current power whenever possible. With the steady trade winds of the Caribbean, that can mean as much as 70 percent of your voyage is powered by nature.

Elevated Standards

When Star Clippers ships consume fuel, they rely on high-quality, low-sulfur gas oil. As a result of this initiative, Star Flyer became the first ship in the world to earn the Air Pollution Prevention Certificate, followed by Star Clipper and Royal Clipper. And here’s a fun fact: Using reverse osmosis, Star Clippers converts more than 500,000 pounds of ocean water into soft drinking water — every single day!

Intimate Surroundings

Smaller ships carry fewer passengers, which means far less is consumed on board: only 170 guests on Star Clipper and Star Flyer, 227 guests on Royal Clipper and up to 300 guests on the new Flying Clipper. In this setting, which also boasts features such as reusable glasses and biodegradable cleaning products, you’ll get to know other guests who share like-minded philosophies about discovering — and preserving — the world around you.

In addition to Star Clippers’ high-end service, complimentary water sports, and fine dining, we’ll enhance your voyage with amenities such as valuable shipboard credit. Enter Offer M18471 on our website and click search to learn more.

Cover photo: Star Clippers / Star Clipper & Star Flyer

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