Forty years later, the original wellness resort is still making history.


Next year will mark four decades since Mel Zuckerman founded Canyon Ranch. The Arizona resort—which Zuckerman envisioned as a luxurious antidote to standard, calorie-counting retreats—has been on the cutting edge of wellness ever since. In the ’80s that meant off-the-wall treatments like seaweed body wraps and acupuncture; in the ’90s, it was strange new dining ideas like jicama salad and mocktails.

Of course, today we’re all relatively fluent in the ways of healthy living; kale soup and mud baths don’t seem quite as extreme as they used to. But 40 years of life-changing experiences haven’t slowed Canyon Ranch down one bit. The resort (which now has a second location in Lenox, Mass., as well as numerous spas on cruise ships around the world like Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruise®) is still leading the pack with outside-the-box therapies that even the most steadfast of wellness gurus would have a hard time keeping up with. Here, a rundown of the most innovative—and unusual—new ways to elevate your mind, body, and spirit at the legendary retreat.

“Canyon Ranch has gone beyond simple relaxation techniques and meditation, opening a state-of-the art sleep lab.”

GENOVIVE: We tend to blame everything on our genes, but Canyon Ranch is putting the question of hereditary traits to rest with its new GenoVive genetic testing. The assessment evaluates 24 different genes that can be broken down to explain everything from our ideal weight to our snacking behavior. Using these results, the resort’s nutrition team produces detailed and personalized nutrition programs—so the next time you reach for those potato chips, you’ll have evidence as to why you’re craving them (and why you probably shouldn’t eat them).

POLYSOMNOGRAPHY: Canyon Ranch has gone beyond simple relaxation techniques and meditation mandates and opened a state-of-the-art sleep lab to help sleepers address their concerns. The resort’s full-night sleep studies invite guests to bed down for a full night in the lab. They work one-on-one with a sleep technologist who thoroughly monitors their night— every breath, every heartbeat, several different brainwaves, and various key movements if they arise to disrupt sleep—to evaluate what may lead to finally getting a good night’s rest.

ACUTONICS: Forget acupuncture. The newest way to align your chakras and awaken your trigger points isn’t with needles—it’s with forks. But don’t go grabbing utensils out of your kitchen for an at-home cure; Canyon Ranch uses tuning forks—two-pronged instruments that vibrate with acoustic pitches—to bring all of your energy centers into balance. You’ll even get a soothing soundtrack with bells and gongs used to cause the vibrations in the forks.

INNER BALANCE BY HEARTMATH: You could just book an aromatherapy session to manage your stress—but you might not see long-term results. Canyon Ranch has a more empirical way of addressing all that tension in your shoulders with the Inner Balance sensor, which trains you to replace emotional stress with balance and coherence. Using HeartMath’s proprietary technology, the resort’s behavioral therapists teach guests how to improve their focus, get better sleep, and monitor their feelings of stress on a daily basis.

ULTRA-MOISTURIZING COCOON: If it all sounds a little bit too far out for you, head to the spa for a good old-fashioned massage. This being Canyon Ranch, however, we suggest something suitably innovative: The Ultra-Moisturizing Cocoon suspends your body in a weightless, floating nest while a therapist applies goat butter cream to your body. Given Canyon Ranch’s track record, in a few years, everyone will be doing it!

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Canyon Ranch – Arizona

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