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What are some tips for staying healthy on a cruise ship?

It’s no fun to get sick on vacation, and with some common-sense precautions, you can breeze through your cruise vacation healthy and germ-free.

A cruise ship is a closed environment loaded with “high-touch” areas. Even though these areas are cleaned regularly, there is a large volume of people flowing through these spaces day and night.

The great news is that nearly every cruise line has hand-sanitizer dispensers stationed throughout the ships. (It also doesn’t hurt to carry your own small supply.) And because nothing beats old-fashioned soap and water, several ships now have automatic handwashing stations.

While a cruise is a great place to make lifelong friends, handshakes are no longer the norm. Don’t be surprised if even your captain offers a fist bump or a thumbs up as a greeting.

It’s easy to let go of good habits and overindulge — especially the first day or two. Combat sickness by staying hydrated — refilling a water bottle is free, and we can help you purchase an all-you-can-drink package that includes nonalcoholic beverages. Take advantage of access to the pool, fitness center and walking track, and opt for active shore excursions.

Of course, there are never guarantees. Should you fall ill, every cruise ship is staffed with medical professionals 24 hours a day.

Ask us about purchasing comprehensive travel insurance that includes health coverage, and if additional medical coverage is a good choice for you.

Photo: Eric Barnes / Anywhere Anytime Journeys®

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