Favorite Finds: Life is a Dream in The Islands of Tahiti

If you needed an excuse to travel to The Islands of Tahiti, here are three compelling reasons to go now.

The Islands Are Easier to Reach Than Ever.

The Tahitian Dreamliner fleet ushers in a new era of travel on Air Tahiti Nui. Depart from Los Angeles and enjoy eight hours of thoughtful service and high-tech entertainment. You’ll see approaching shores through the largest windows of any jet, and arrive feeling completely refreshed, thanks to the low pressure and comfortable humidity that is a signature of the Dreamliner experience.

The Water Is More Incredible Than Anyone Can Describe.

From dreamy lagoons to overwater bungalows, the astonishingly blue waters are always near. Keep it simple with a leisurely dip, or go snorkeling among the reefs that are alive with colorful schools of fish and stingrays. Connect with local heritage by paddling an outrigger canoe, and learn to surf in the same waters where legends have been chasing swells for decades.

Adventures on Land Are Filled With Meaning.

There are forests of chestnut trees, known as mape, found on mountain peaks and in wild valleys. Taha‘a island plantations are filled with treasured Tahitian vanilla pods that are cultivated and transformed into the fragrant spice. Piles of basalt rocks and coral slabs form sacred marae temples. The land here is lush, fertile and filled with powerful discoveries.

The Islands of Tahiti are not a destination you need to save for a special occasion. Take advantage of the new Dreamliner service and let us arrange all the details for a purely relaxing and rejuvenating stay. Get inspired in our digital publication by exploring Offer EW18886 on our website.

Cover Photo: Tahiti / Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay

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