Q&A: Island Wonders with Peter Greenberg

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Outside of the U.S., what are some accessible islands that you love?

Close to Portugal are nine western islands in the Atlantic Ocean: the Azores. And this is where time stands still. The food is unbelievable because it’s all homegrown, and the volcanic terrain has the most beautiful beaches and hiking.

Can you recommend an “alternative” to a popular destination?

Everyone wants to go to Iceland these days, which is understandable. But I also recommend the Faroe Islands. Midway between Iceland and Norway, this is one of the all-time best places to see the Northern Lights.

Can you recall any places that really surprised you?

Many years ago, I was talking to some Australians about Tasmania. At the time, they said, “Why would you go there? We don’t even go there!” I said, “And that’s exactly why I’m going!” The food is so fresh; you can learn how to make cheese on a dairy farm and harvest oysters in Barilla Bay.

How about a place that’s truly off the radar?

St. Helena. It’s in the middle of nowhere in the South Atlantic Ocean. Only about 4,000 people live there, called Saints, and it’s best known as the “other” island where Napoleon was exiled (after Elba). I love to fish and, when we got to the harbor, I was pulling up tuna every few seconds. There’s great hiking, biking and birdwatching. Outside of cruising, getting here can be a challenge with only one flight a week from Johannesburg — but once you arrive, you’ll understand why you came.

Peter Greenberg travels more than 400,000 miles a year, and yet one of his favorite places in the world is Fire Island, New York. Find out where else CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg recommends that travelers find their own island escapes.

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Cover Photo: Azores Waterfall / Image by Сергей Наревич from Pixabay

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