Travel Tip Tuesday: Pocket Travel Guides

Each Tuesday, Anywhere Anytime Journeys will bring you some useful tips for your upcoming travels. This week in concert with our previous Travel Tip Tuesday (using your smartphone abroad – smartly), we will explore in-depth our Pocket Travel Guides.

Pocket Travel Guides is an exclusive value-added benefit that only Signature Travel Consultants can provide their clients for FREE! It allows you to carry all of the destination information you need while traveling, right in your pocket on your Android, Apple, or Kindle Fire device. Upon arrival, you will continue to have all of that information at hand, without having to worry about costly international phone fees or charges, because the app is accessible both offline and online. Once you download a city guide, you won’t need an internet connection to find the best restaurants, exciting things to do and local attractions.

To start you off, we will include travel guides for the cities that you will be visiting on your upcoming vacation. Once you download the app, the content will be available to you without an internet connection so you will always have access to it while you travel. You can also download cities guides for any other destinations you might be interested in visiting in the future as we get ready to plan your next vacation.

Pocket Travel Guides is designed with travel42 content which provides informative, comprehensive and dynamic travel guides detailing the places to see, dine and shop in over 400 exciting cities around the world. When we send you download instructions, they include content for one or more cities or a full itinerary from an offer. Once you install the app on your mobile device, you can pick and choose additional cities to download at any time.

Each profile includes a CITY GUIDE that contains eight sections that provides a broad overview of the city:

  • District Guide
  • Historical Background
  • Dining & Drinking
  • Entertainment
  • Where to Stay
  • Recommended Tours
  • Getting There & Around
  • Fun Facts

Ten additional sections offer comprehensive details in for sightseeing, dining, shopping and more:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars & Cafes
  • Nightlife
  • Entertainment
  • Activities
  • Museums
  • Practical Info
  • Shopping
  • Spas
  • Tourist Attractions

The restaurant section of the city guides is very comprehensive and updated on a regular basis by Wcities which is one of the leading travel content providers around – we have worked with them for many years and found the content to be very reliable – and much easier than trying to find online reviews which can be just overwhelming. The restaurant section includes “top recommendations” for each city and also sections that are categorized by cuisine type so if you are looking for something particular – you can easily locate it. Restaurant listings include descriptions, location/map, phone number, website and more!

This is also great app to have while on business travel. Find a restaurant near your hotel. Transportation options such as subways or trains. Or locate the local Apple store to replace that lost charger.

Travel42 content undergoes a rigorous editorial process which ensures a high level of quality control. All travel content is updated regularly. The frequency of the updates depends on the nature of the content and the likelihood of it changing. For example, a restaurant would be checked every six months and a major monument like the Tour Eiffel would be updated once a year. However, weekly, monthly and annual updates ensure that all points of interest always feature accurate and relevant information.

So start today. Download the Pocket Travel Guides app today!

Happy exploring!

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