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zz 2018-09-04: Get Out of Town for a Holiday Trip

Brad Martin of Anywhere Anytime Journeys shares the perfect places for a holiday getaway.

zz 2018-10-02: National Cruise Month

Brad Martin shares insight on the different types of cruises. October is national cruise month.

zz 2019-01-09: Travel Trends for 2019

Brad Martin of Anywhere Anytime Journeys talks about the travel trends of 2019.

zz 2019-03-21: Traveling Solo & Travel Advisories

Brad Martin, CEO of Anywhere Anytime Journeys talks about what you need to know if traveling solo and what the new travel advisories mean.

zz 2019-04-23: Cuba & Travel Insurance

CEO of Anywhere Anytime Journeys, Brad Martin, talks about travel to Cuba and the importance of Travel Insurance.

zz 2019-06-04: New Cuba Travel Restrictions Announced

The Trump Administration has announced new travel restrictions on Cuba, including banning cruise ships from stopping in the country.

zz 2020-02-19: The Coronavirus & Travel Safety + CATS Day-trip

Brad Martin, owner of Anywhere Anytime Journeys gets us up to date on the coronavirus and what it means for travelers. Also, the up-coming CATS day-trip to Indy.

zz 2020-06-03: Traveling During COVID-19

Brad Martin on ciLiving explains what travelers can expect during COVID-19 should they need to travel.

zz 2020-07-10: Plan for 2021 Travel

Brad Martin on ciLiving shares tips and insight for planning your next trip to take in 2021.

zz 2020-07-29: Understanding COVID-19 Rules While Traveling

Anywhere Anytime Journeys Brad Martin explains what to expect when traveling during COVID.

zz 2020-08-24: Plan a Culinary Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great city to explore the cuisine. Our travel experts share insight on planning a trip.

zz 2020-10-20: Anywhere Anytime Journeys & Silversea Cruises, Ltd

Discover how you can travel safely during a COVID-19 world with Anywhere Anytime Journeys and Silversea Cruises, Ltd.

zz 2021-01-19: Plan a Trip to Hawaii

Adriene Xerri of Pleasant Holidays joins Brad Martin and Heather Roberts to talk about Hawaii vacations and Travel Insurance.

zz 2021-01-26: National Plan Your Vacation Day

See Brad Martin on WCIA-TV with Jen Lask as he discusses National Plan Your Vacation Day!

zz 2021-07-07: Escorted Group Travel

Join Brad Martin and ciLiving host Heather Roberts as they discuss why more people are choosing escorted group travel.

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