Client Testimonials

We had such a positive experience with Anywhere Anytime Journeys! Brad and Eric traveled with us on our journey and took great care of all of the little details along the way. They were always there to meet us for our excursions as well as our transfers, and they did a terrific job of recommending the best excursions to take in the places we visited. They also provided us with a very useful app to track all of our daily activities, excursions and transfers along with details and descriptions.

It was a game changer for this trip. Experience really does make a huge difference when picking someone to assist you with your travel needs!

[Via Google 5-Star Review]

Vikki K.
— Miami, FL

Very professional with hands-on detailed information regarding the cruise. We are so happy to have found Brand and Eric. Looking forward to booking many more adventures with them.
[Via Google 5-Star Review]

Ruth E.
— Fort Myers, FL

Highly recommend Anywhere Anytime Journeys to plan your next travel adventure. Friendly, professional and always willing to help.

[Via Google 5-Star Review]

Nancy E.
— Playa Del Rey, CA

How well did the overall service you received from Brad Martin meet your expectations? 10/10 Brad and Eric go over and above every time we use him for travel. Flight was cancelled at 4 a.m. and we were rebooked within 20 minutes. All reservations are confirmed and ready to go. Any hiccups he takes care of immediately and its like they never happened!

How happy are you with the speed and efficiency at which you receive responses from Brad Martin? 10/10 In today's world service is not always a happen experience. But Brad and Eric and always cheerful and willing to help with before, during and after changes to our itinerary. Service is impeccable!\

How happy are you with the attention to detail and thoroughness from Brad Martin? 10/10 Every detail is completely thought of and followed through. Every question I ask is answered.

How likely would you be to recommend Brad Martin to a friend? 10/10 I would recommend Brad to everyone! He knows my likes and dislikes over the years now and sends me information on trip ideas.

How likely are you to use Brad Martin to plan your next vacation? 10/10 We only use Brad to plan our vacations as he is very knowledgeable and thorough with all his work. I cannot say enough about Brad and Eric. They are the nicest, down to earth people and I love traveling with them to any destination.

Lori & Rick S.
— Rantoul, IL

Thank you for helping us with our cruise!! We had a great time!

Carol B.
— Rantoul, IL

Brad is phenomenal, sweet, caring, professional, and efficient. Brad has been with me every step of the way, I really appreciate everything he has done for my husband, family, friends and myself! Very GREAT travel agent!! Keep up the Fantastic work. Thank you!!

Laurie S.
— Champaign, IL

Brad and Eric put together a Hawaiian vacation for us. We could not be happier. They got us the best prices with an amazing resort. The view from our room was fantastic. We could not believe we finally made our bucket list trip at such an amazing price. The tours that were set up for us were great also. From transportation to tips and hints, this trip went off without a hitch. Highly recommend Anytime Anywhere Journeys! We will be booking again with them for sure.

[Via Google 5-Star Review]

Neil W.
— Paxton, IL

This vacation by far was one of the best and most memorable adventures of my life. Well-Coordinated, excellent tours, outstanding tour guide, kind and caring agents!

[Via Google 5-Star Review]

Brenda G.
— Humble, TX

My journeys outside of America would be filled with worry and anxiety if I were responsible for the plans, preparations, and execution of my trips. With that being said, thanks to Anywhere, Anytime Journeys for planning stress and worry free trips anywhere in the world! my recent trip to Egypt with seven of my friends was amazing. It could not have happened without the professionalism and superb customer service that Brad and Eric provided as our escorts on a 15 day journey throughout Cairo and sailing for 8 days on the beautiful Nile. He treated my group as if we were his close friends and family members from the beginning to the very end of the trip. Without a doubt, if you are planning a weekend trip to Las Vegas or a trip around the world.....your place to begin is with Brad and Eric with Anywhere Anytime Journeys. You, your family, your friends, your business partners, our church members, and communities will not be disappointed with the caring and expertise provided by this amazing travel agency. Guess What? I'm only writing the review because it is true. All the Best. Tara

[Via Google 5-Star Review]

Tara B.
— Oklahoma City, OK

I've just completed the trip of a lifetime to Egypt!

Secrets of Egypt and the Nile Cruise Tour was hosted and facilitated by Brad and Eric of Anywhere Anytime Journeys. From takeoff to touchdown, the 11 day excursion was impeccably managed and fine tuned to maximize our enjoyment. None of our travel mechanics were left to chance. From Cairo airport arrival and luggage handling, airport transfers, hotel arrangements and accommodations, river cruising, and food options, were 5 STAR. The partnership between Anywhere Anytime Journeys, AmaWaterways Luxurious River Cruise Line, and AmaDahlia Riverboat was seamless with each element interlocking as one.

The awesomeness of the Egyptian antiquities could have only been exceeded by the attention to detail exhibited by Anywhere Anytime Journeys. Brad and Eric made the trip with us which demonstrated to me their true commitment to the travel product they offered us. They gave us an "11 day lifestyle experience" allowing us to become immersed into the Egyptian culture.

They never boarded a bus or left a venue until every group member was accounted for and onboarded. They knew our faces, names and individual oddities ten minutes after first encounters. They out spent us, Egyptian pound and US dollars, at every market, getting right down into the bartering rituals with us. This kind of personal attention and participation made communications and interactions comfortable and easy as all of our needs and reasonable request were met and exceeded. They cared about us both professionally and personally.

The hotel rooms were large and gorgeous. The tours and site visits well organized and time bending. The food was excellent and options built around the local offerings with an always appealing presentation. Special dining request were performed with a simple ask. Tour guides, support personnel, bus drivers, and even our personal security team members, were professional yet personable, accomplishing their respective duties yet making us feel pampered and safe at the same time.

AAJ has no real control over the personalities and quirks of their respective clients and group dynamics can sometimes be a crap shoot. For some reason, the 17 travelers in the Anytime Anywhere Journeys Group meshed as a real group. We became the easily recognizable "Green Family" named after the large green sign held high by our outstanding group Egyptologist, Eman.

This was a trip of a lifetime and Brad and Eric of Anywhere Anytime Journeys helped to make it such. Their Domestic and International Travel Client List will certainly find my name on the roll of the many for all future travel. This duo hit a home run with me and my wife Brenda in providing us with an outstanding travel experience, especially when we had early reservations and anxieties about traveling to this part of the world with the current state of affairs. We felt safe every step of our journey.

Johnny G.
— Houston, TX

The trip of a lifetime. I will always suggest that you let a travel agency take care of all of the intricate details for your once in a lifetime trip. They take care of everything (hotel, date of tours, transportation,etc). I have only worked with 1 travel agency and that is “Anywhere Anytime Journey”. With Brad and Eric taking care of everything the only thing you have to do is to enjoy your trip. Job well done.

[Via Google 5-Star Review]

J. Marc P.
— Oklahoma City, OK

I don't have words describe how amazing this agency and it's owner's (Brad & Eric) are. The Egypt Nile Cruise was incredible and amazing! Can't wait for the upcoming Italy cruise!

[Via Google 5-Star Review]

Larry G.
— Champaign, IL

Brad was extremely knowledgeable and listened to what sites we wanted to see in HI! His experiences were so helpful and he guided us to plan an awesome vacation ! Brad and Eric provided us with a detailed day by day printed itinerary! We would highly recommend Brad to anyone.

Connie R.
— Loda, IL

We just returned from an amazing trip to Egypt. Brad and Eric thought of every detail and had a plan for any issue that could arise. Brad is the absolute best at customer service. We will be booking our next vacation with Anytime, Anywhere Journeys soon!

[Via Google 5-Star Review]

Vicki L.
— Norman, OK

I had never booked a trip with a travel agent before, but when we decided to take a pretty spontaneous trip to Florida we figured we'd see if it made a difference. Normally we would be ironing out details for a trip up until departure and have all of the stress of confirming things at the last minute etc. We had none of that on this trip. We spent a couple hours planning in the office, and walked out with everything but our food plans at Disney locked in. And, because we had met with them, we knew we needed to make food plans among all of the other things we didn't know to expect.

They gave us great directions as well as setting up our rental car and everything else we needed. We never had to wonder where we were headed next because everything was planned out and easily accessible. I completely recommend Anywhere Anytime Journeys for any travel planning, and the next time I escape Illinois I'll be calling them up myself.

[Via Google 5-Star Review]

Kevin L.
— Rantoul, IL

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